Fall RV Trips

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be! Fall is a great time for RV road trips! With kids back in school and the peak tourist season behind us, that means less crowds and better prices at major attractions and campsites. It also means less traffic! Are you up for for an autumn road trip? Let’s take a look at what’s out there!


Of course some of the most popular road trips are to the Northeast. If you want to see the beauty of fall foliage, head to Vermont, New Hampshire, Main or upstate New York. The scenery is breathtaking and the weather perfect. Check online to find out when the peak colors are for each area and for info on specialized “leaf peeper” tours that are available. Just keep in mind that while fall weather in the Northeast is generally gorgeous, with comfortable temps and even a few days of Indian Summer, the nights can get chilly, so make sure to bring warm clothes just in case.


If you’ve got a fifth wheel, you can enjoy the other small joys autumn in New England brings. Pumpkin patches, apple picking, farmers markets and antiquing all await you. Want a fifth wheel? Check out sites like http://www.specialtyrvsales.com/ for the best selection.


If taking in the fall foliage isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to do. You can head south or west to enjoy summer for a little longer, take in major attractions like Disney with less crowds, or even hit the beach! If you are interested in a road trip on the East or Gulf coast or in the South, keep a close eye on the weather. This is peak hurricane season, and while you’re likely not to have to worry, they can form in the blink of an eye. Avoid any area in the path of an approaching hurricane no matter how optimistic the forecast may be. Sadly, RVs are just no match for even a Category 1 storm, so steer clear.


Interested in heading far north this autumn? Canada is a great place to visit this time year. The Maritime provinces offer beautiful foliage and scenery, and the Canadian Rockies are breathtaking. Just keep in mind that autumn temps could be much colder depending on the province you’re interested in, and in some, snow can happen as early as late September!


Wherever you choose to go this autumn, have a great time and stay safe!

Understanding the Importance of Travel Insurance

blythdirect.info1Travel insurance is one of the key things you should never forget whenever you plan for a holiday trip outside the country or an inside the country vacation. It is one of the essential things needed if you want to be covered in medical and other financial expenses you may incur during your travel. Most of the time, travel insurance can be arranged with your travel agent, and it can cover you up until the trip is over and you return to your place of origin. Most of the time, travel agents offer insurance as part of their travel packages, but considering some important facts in procuring a travel insurance, it is more practical to do it on your own than have your travel agent include it in your travel package if you want to have a more comprehensive and better travel insurance coverage worth the money you paid.

There are several travel insurance coverage you can choose from, depending on the frequency of traveling you do annually, and you can choose to either opt for a single trip or multi trip insurance coverage. If your travel plan only includes one trip outside or within the country, you can choose the single trip travel insurance policy, but if you are planning to take several trips within the year, it is more practical as it is cheap obtaining multi trip insurance than having single trip insurance every time you travel. This can also save you time from repetitive insurance application every time you are having a trip.

A multi trip insurance coverage is more often referred to as annual insurance policy and having it can significantly save you money in the process. When you are making plans for acquiring travel insurance, you have to be very precise with regards to the provisions that are inclusive in the policy and the conditions that are excluded by the insurance provider. Although a full coverage sometimes can be the best and practical option for most coverage, you can actually choose the items covered which you want to be included in your policy if you want to have a cheaper travel insurance premium. Sometimes, a cheap policy does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t have excellent coverage. You only have to have to determine the type of coverage you think you may need and this can significantly lighten the premiums you have to pay on your provider.

Typical services offered by travel insurance providers are, emergency repatriation and/or evacuation, medical expenses incurred while traveling, personal accident cover, travel cancellation and restriction, delay, theft, loss or damage of properties while on the trip, like personal baggage, coverage for missed connection for those taking connecting flights, and personal liability coverage.

Understanding the concept and the importance is in fact, relatively easy. You purchase insurance for an established provider and in return, they can provide you cover, should an event like accidents, loss of personal properties, or other unanticipated things happen while you are on a trip.

Please visit travel insurance for more detailed information regarding the benefits of travel accident insurance and other related coverage.

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Costa Rica Snorkeling

blythdirect.info2Well my new favorite hobby here in Costa Rica is snorkeling and before you say oh geez what a tame hobby let me add a little color. Snorkeling in Costa Rica is not just about putting on some mask and fins and looking around. Not with the guys I go with. These Costa Rica men were raised in this area and they can go out with nothing but a stick and come home with enough food to feed their families for a week. It is quite exciting actually. I went with a guy the other day whose nickname is “Chino” right at the end of Playa Conchal and all was smooth and peaceful until I saw him dive down 15 feet to the bottom. Suddenly there was this amazing tempest and flurry of activity and a storm of sand and didn’t Chino come up with a handful of writhing and quite frightening octopus. The thing was truly fighting mad and a scary wonder to behold. I did eat some and will mention that it was pretty tough but I haven’t quite gotten around to getting the recipes from the “Ticos” yet. Probably ceviche. They turn everything here into ceviche.

Another Costa Rica Snorkeling adventure we had was at Playa Minas a few beaches south of Playa Conchal and is a well hidden and beautiful virgin beach that at one time contained bauxite mines at each end of the beach. The old rails leading into the man-made caverns are still visible and quite interesting as a conversation piece. Any way we set out with our snorkeling gear and spear guns on this day departing right from the middle of the beach and straight out. It was a wondrous day for underwater sightseeing but not much in the way of underwater spear fishing. First off was a giant turtle which I will mention is much more elegant and agile while swimming underwater than how we normally see them ponderously trudging up the beach to lay their eggs. Playa Minas is a big turtle beach by the way.

Anyway shortly into the swim I began to notice what I thought were cloud shadows on the ocean floor and saw a few dozen of these before we realized they were a huge assortment of giant manta rays partially buried into the ocean floor. I will mention that this was right at the time the famous nature adventure guy got zapped through the heart by one of these creatures. Of course he went too far with it clearly. We were wise enough to steer clear but seeing these ten foot wide atavistic shadows on the ocean floor 10-15 feet beneath us was the thing of nightmares, but exciting in its own right.

So the local Costa Rica skin divers have become friends thanks to generous numbers of beers at the illegal little beach bar in front of the Playa Conchal resort where the guys sell all manner of mysterious sea creatures destined for Dennis’ wood grill. They are beginning to train me in the finer arts of snorkeling in Costa Rica like mainly where to find the good stuff. Those locations for security reasons I am afraid must remain nameless.

Get the Most Out of Your Travel Agent

Travel AgentBooking air travel, making hotel reservations and arranging vacation travel in general has changed completely with the advent of the internet and many people try to be their own travel agents. While you can arrange seemingly most of your travel yourself, you can’t do as well as your travel agent in a long run!

Travel processionals, whether your local travel agent, tour operator or destination specialist still possess contacts that you as an industry outsider do not have. As in number of other professions, travel agents, whether in a shopping center near your home or an online agency, wherever they may be located, do know something you do not, have way to book and arrange travel for you in ways unavailable or unknown to you.

Traditionally you could contact a travel agent and ask for a quote, whether a price of an air ticket, hotel or a vacation package. For the most part travel agents still provide that kind of information, although there is a limit how much information they may disclose as not all information is readily available to them.

First of all, most travel agents indeed may have at their fingertips routine cost of air ticketing, hotel rates or certain vacation packages available and will be happy to provide the price information to you instantly when asked. But once your travel request will need to be somewhat customized, whether tailored to your dates of travel or your other travel preferences, to find a relevant answer will be time consuming. Because of this time element involved, do not automatically assume an agency is keen to spend the time to furnish the information you seek when there is no commitment you will travel at all.

Look at the situations from the following perspective. In the old days if you had a problem with your car, you’d drive it to your neighborhood car mechanic and asked him to see what was wrong with it. You would drop the car off at the garage, the mechanic would have a look and tell you what the problem was. He would also give you an estimate and it was up to you to decide if you wanted him to fix it right then and there, wait or seek another opinion and another quote. His services cost you nothing.

But not anymore. These days, no garage, no car repair mechanic is willing to spend time trying to find out what’s the problem with your vehicle without charging you at least one hour labor upfront. Pay and he will look and tell you. Up to you if you will decide to take your car to another shop or have him fix it, he has covered his time spent diagnosing what’s wrong with your car.

Similarly, many travel agencies and professional travel planners and tour operators will charge you an upfront travel planning fee if you are requesting travel arrangements that first of all are time consuming, or there is no guarantee you will book anything. All you are after are essentially private tailor-made travel arrangement s and there are no simple answers or options to give you, and the only way to find out will be for the agent to dig and consult all sorts of different sources he has at this disposal and then present the travel alternatives to you for you to decide upon.

When working with a travel agent, travel planner or any other travel professional such as a knowledgeable destination specialist, keep in mind that a certain protocol will assure you will get not only the kind of travel arrangements you want in general but also you’ll gain a true partner that will always work in your best interest whether you’ll travel away from home on business or for pleasure.

1. First of all, when contacting a travel agent, whether in person or online, don’t hesitate to give them your name – don’t worry, most agents won’t spam you back. Without your name when you’re asking for a valuable travel advice most agents won’t take your request too seriously. Call if you wish but most agents prefer not to take notes, email is a way to go and for an agent to look up a fare often a time means he has to plug in a name, so might as well that name will be your real name. If you decide not to accept the booking the reservation will expire and no harm done. If you decide later to purchase the reservation the agent does not have to rekey it into the system all over again.

2. If you’re trying to be you own travel agent, even in part, say you plan to book your own hotels online, disclose it to the agent your are contacting for assistance, he/she may still be interested to help you with the rest of your travel arrangements. Don’t hide your intentions from the agent as agents don’t like to be used for information gathering purposes only.

3. If at all possible, always contact your travel agent or destination specialist as soon as you know when and where you wish to travel, not last minute before your intended departure. That is even more important when you’re planning a trip to a lesser frequented destination.

4. Don’t book your flights and hotels online and ask a travel agent to do the rest, namely the difficult parts, such as complex transportation connections, travel arrangements in remote locations or to book segments that you just feel are not safe for you to book online yourself. Give your agent to design and book your entire trip for you. The worst you can do is design your own vacation package, then copy and email the same request to dozen different agents to see who may be the lowest bidder. Yes, the internet is perfect for that kind of information gathering but look at this from a perspective of a travel agent. If he/she knows you are sending the same request to dozen agents many of them will not be too interested in dealing with you. Then again, telling them the truth they will appreciate knowing what you are doing and approach the whole thing quite differently and in the end they just might offer you a deal.

5. If you’re after booking shoe-string cost of travel, for example wishing to book the lowest type of accommodations, best be your own travel agent. Do realize that agents can’t book services that are simply too cheap to begin with, not to mention that that kind of suppliers do not pay agent s any kind of commission. The agent may still help you but keep in mind he will be doing you a favor and will be working for you at no charge. If so, appreciate it, email your thank you.

Do realize that to ask an agent million questions, get all the answers, including time consuming quotes, only for you to never replay again is definitely rude and turns agents off completely. If you are polite and respectful many will often work without any commitment on your part, providing you with information you need, working for free. But because of those that just siphon info out of agents so they could possibly book travel on their own leaves not only a sour taste in agent’s mouth but certainly induces the decision to charge au upfront planning fees when a next inquiry comes.

6. On another hand, when it comes to upper end accommodations keep in mind these hotels routinely offer discounts to agents that agents can markup and still offer you room costs below hotel rack rates. Genuine agent is not interested in selling you a higher end hotel in order to make a higher commission but to tailor in a better trip experience for you where he deems it desirable.

7. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a travel agent and a so called Destination Specialist. Most travel agents use online reservation systems to book transportation, hotel and vacation packages. They essentially book or resell ready-to-sell travel offers from a variety of suppliers that do not require more than filling in your name and dates of travel. When it comes to you needing customized arrangements, they will need to contact tour operators and destination specialists that are either part of their consortium or a network they belong to. Depending on the connections they have they will or will not be able to help you.

8. Destination Specialists pride themselves in really knowing their destinations. Many of them have indeed not only traveled extensively but know a particular destination inside-out so they can arrange travel logistics for you based on knowing, rather than looking it up in a brochure or some kind of data base. Many Destination Specialists specialize in difficult, custom designed itineraries and do not sell travel packages. Often a time though not always that kind of service reflects higher markup.

9. Last, please note that many destination specialists as well as travel agents work 110 or more hours per week because especially custom-design travel is indeed very time consuming. Being good at travel logistics does take experience and while with the internet it seems second nature to be able to arrange travel on your own, many travel professional are indeed very good at what they do! They do know more about travel than you, give them a chance, they can save you not only money but also many headaches and above all, they can assure not only that you’ll travel worry-free but that you may have a trip of your life! Keep in mind, a good agent is not after selling you a single ticket or a package tour, they want you to become a repeat client, their go-to-travel processional for rest of your life.

Clever safe private luxury travel, tailor-made worldwide adventures and cultural journeys take experience. Do not settle for less, book only with genuine travel professionals! Life is a journey, and travel inspirations for the discerning traveler begin with top travel leads.

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Business Traveller Flying to London? A London City Guide for Getting to the Centre

Business TravelLondon. The vibrant, beating heart of the United Kingdom. It’s one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists, and for business travellers too. The amount of commerce that goes through London is staggering, with a financial centre second only to New York, and service industries that cater for both the UK, European and international markets. As the world’s most multicultural city – there are over 300 languages spoken by a population of over eight million people (twelve million if you include the metropolitan area) – the opportunities for business are clear.

With the UK strategically positioned for the business traveller on the western edge of Europe, London is a global hub for air travel, providing easy access to mainland Europe, and a stepping stone to the United States. Primarily served by five airports – Heathrow, Gatwick, City, Stansted and Luton – London is easily reached from anywhere in the world. But with the exception of London City Airport – smallest of the five and located in East London, close to the business district of Canary Wharf – the other four airports are satellites evenly dispersed around the city. The most popular, Heathrow, is located to the west of London; Gatwick is situated to the south; Stansted to the north east; and Luton to the North West. Knowing this before you make your travel plans can be useful. Since the greater metropolitan area of London covers over 1,000 square miles, your final business destination may not be right in the centre. Researching which airport is closest to your destination can save you time, effort and money.

However, whether you’re a business traveller flying from within the UK or from overseas, your starting destination may often determine the airport you arrive at. Other factors, such as your chosen time of travel, budget and availability will also make a difference. For example, if you’re travelling with a major international carrier from a major city, such as New York, the chances are you’ll arrive at Heathrow or Gatwick (Stansted also receives flights from New York but is the smallest of the three). If you’re travelling locally from within the UK with a budget carrier you’re more likely to arrive at Stansted or Luton (though not exclusively). And if you’re travelling from a major European city, particularly a financial capital, such as Frankfurt, London City Airport is a likely arrival point (the airport was created specifically to cater for short haul business travellers, particularly between financial centres).

Each airport is served by comprehensive rail and road infrastructure, providing business travellers with a variety of options to enter London. All five airports offer direct rail travel into the heart of Central London, coach travel to the main Victoria terminus, and hire car, mini-bus, licensed black cab and taxi services by road. If you’re a VIP business traveller, chauffeur services are also available, and with the exception of London City Airport, each also offer direct helicopter transfer into the heart of the city.

London Heathrow Airport

The busiest of the five airports is London Heathrow. Located less than twenty miles from central London, Heathrow is situated to the west of the city within the M25 motorway metropolitan boundary. The fastest route into London is via the Heathrow Express train service, taking just 15 minutes from terminals 1, 2 and 3 to Paddington station (located on the western side of Central London). If your flight arrives at either terminal 4 or 5 it’s a further four and six minutes travel time respectively, and you’ll need to transfer on to the main London-bound service at terminals 1, 2 and 3.

The service is excellent, offering comfort and convenience, but does not always suite everyone’s travel budget. The standard ‘Express’ single journey ticket costs £21.00 (€25.00 / $35.00), but business travellers can get better value when purchasing a return ticket, priced at £34.00 (€40.00 / $56.00). The ‘Business First’ ticket is more expensive, with singles costing £29.00 (€35.00 / $48.00) and returns £52.00 (€62.00 / $86.00), but it does afford business travellers considerably more leg room, the privacy of a ‘single seating’ layout, and a fold out table. The experience is akin to that of air travel. All passengers across both pricing structures enjoy access to electrical sockets, USB ports and free Wi-Fi. The overall quality of service and passenger experience generates a ‘wow’ factor, and if your budget can afford it, is certainly the smoothest, quickest and most convenient way to travel into London from Heathrow. Trains run regularly every fifteen minutes in both directions, particularly useful for last minute dashes to the airport.

There are two further rail options available to business travellers, both considerably less expensive, though this is reflected in the quality of service. That’s not to say either is not a good solution for business travellers, just that there is a noticeable difference in convenience and comfort.

With a service typically running every thirty minutes, and a journey duration – depending on the time of day – of between 23 and 27 minutes from terminals 1, 2 and 3, Heathrow Connect is more than adequate for business travellers who are not in a hurry. Like the rival Express service, Connect also arrives at Paddington station, but unlike its faster rival stops at up to five other stations before reaching its terminus. The ‘inconvenience’ of this less direct journey is compensated for by a considerably less expensive ticket price. Single journey’s cost £9.90 (€12.00 / $16.00) while a return is £19.80 (€24.00 / $32.00). There is no saving to be made from purchasing a return ticket. While the convenience and comfort of the traveller experience cannot match the Express, the Connect business travel solution is an acceptable compromise that suits a greater number of travel budgets.

The third – and least expensive – rail option is the London Underground ‘tube’ network. Despite the network’s name the majority of the journey from Heathrow is overground, until the business traveller nears Central London. Starting on the Piccadilly Line, the service connects all five Heathrow terminals and provides frequent trains into London, stopping at a considerable amount of outlying stations before arriving in the capital’s centre. This continually ‘interrupted’ journey – there are seventeen stops between Heathrow terminals 1, 2 and 3 and Paddington Tube station (the nearest equivalent tube terminus for a fair comparison) – and takes approximately fifty minutes journey time on average, considerably slower than its more direct rivals. This journey comparison also requires the inconvenience of a transfer between lines.

So why would the business traveller consider using the tube from Heathrow to Central London? Simple. The frequency of service, the array of destinations, and the cost. At a cash price of just £5.70 (€6.80 / $9.50) for a single journey in either direction during peak hours (06:30am to 09:30am), financially the Underground is an attractive option. At nearly half the price of the Heathrow Connect, and at just over a quarter of the price of the Heathrow Express, this service is comparably good value for money. Further value can be found if the business traveller purchases an ‘Oyster Card’, the ‘cashless’ electronic ticketing system beloved by so many Londoners. Available to purchase at Heathrow London Underground stations, this useful option allows you to get tickets cheaper than for cash – in this case a reduction to just £5.00 (€6.00 / $8.30). Off-peak travel with an Oyster Card offers even greater value, with Heathrow to Paddington in either direction costing just £3.00 (€3.60 / $5.00) per journey. The Oyster Card can also be used for unlimited travel on buses and trains throughout London, with a maximum daily spend capped at £17.00 (€20.00 / $28.00) peak time and just £8.90 (€10.60 / $15.00) off-peak for a six zone ticket (destinations across London are divided into six main zonal rings. Travelling from Heathrow to Central London crosses all six zones).

The Underground is primarily a city-wide mass transit system, rather than a ‘train’ service. As such the level of comfort and convenience is substantially less than that of both the Heathrow Express and Connect services, and at peak hours can be considerably uncomfortable. Having endured a recent flight, business travellers who choose this option run the risk of having to stand up the entire journey if travelling during peak hours. If the carriage is full to squeezing point (as is often the case at peak time) managing your luggage can be a challenge. It should also be noted that the tube network – which, as the world’s first urban mass-transit system is over 150 years old – is often prone to signal failures and delays. If the time between your arrival at Heathrow (don’t forget to factor in clearing immigration control, luggage collection and customs) and your business appointment is tight, particularly during peak hours, it is not unfair to say that you are taking a risk if you choose to use the Underground.

Compared to using rail, travelling by road into Central London is far less convenient. Like every major city around the world, traffic congestion plagues the streets of London. The M4 and A4 route from Heathrow into London is always busy and in parts can be slow moving at times. No matter what your method of road transport, the business traveller is vulnerable to the risk of delays and accidents.

Buses and coaches are plentiful. The dominant carrier is called National Express. They operate services between Heathrow Airport and London Victoria, the main coach terminus in London. From here travellers can travel to many other destinations around the UK. The coaches run from Heathrow Airport Central Bus Station, which is located between terminals 1, 2 and 3. Its well sign posted so easily found. If you’re arriving at terminals 4 or 5 you’ll need to first take the Heathrow Connect train to the central bus station. From Victoria Station you can get to any other part of London with ease, via the Underground, plentiful buses, local trains and licensed black cabs / minicab taxi services.

A single journey tickets start from £6.00 (€7.20 / $10.00), while returns cost £11.00 (€13.20 / $18.00). Although you can purchase your ticket at Heathrow, it is advisable to do so in advance, and online. This will ensure you have a guaranteed, reserved seat on your coach of choice, and also provide you with the opportunity to select a time of departure and/or return that best suits your needs. Typically this service runs three coaches per hour to and from London Victoria coach station. The journey time can vary, dependent on the route taken, the time of day and traffic conditions, but you can typically expect your journey to take between 40 and 90 minutes.

National Express also offers business travellers a Heathrow hotel transfer service to and from the airport, known as the Heathrow Hoppa. With hundreds of services each day running around the clock, it’s a clean, comfortable and affordable way to get about, costing £4.00 (€4.80 / $6.60) for single journey and £7.00 (€8.40/ $11.50) for a return journey. This service is particularly useful if your business appointment is located close to Heathrow and you have no need to travel into Central London.

An alternative to coach travel is taking a bus. This can be particularly useful if you arrive at Heathrow late at night. Depending on the day of the week, the N9 night bus runs approximately every 20 minutes to Trafalgar Square in Central London, from 11.30pm to 5am. The journey time is approximately 75 minutes, subject to traffic delays. It’s a very affordable service, and as part of the Transport for London infrastructure a single journey can be paid for with an Oyster Card (£1.40 (€1.70/ $2.30) or by cash (£2.40 (€2.90/ $4.00).

If your journey into London requires the freedom to choose to travel whenever you want, to wherever you want, or you simply require privacy, then private hire transport is readily available at Heathrow. If you’re just interested in getting from A to B and back again, without any other journeys in between, taking a licensed black cab or minicab taxi may suit your needs. Travelling in an iconic licensed black cab into Central London will take approximately 45-60 minutes, subject to traffic delays, and can typically cost between £50.00 (€60.00/ $83.00) and £80.00 (€96.00/ $132.00). If you do find yourself delayed in traffic the journey will cost more, since black cab meters also charge for waiting time when not moving. Black cabs are readily available at all hours, and good sign posting at Heathrow means they’re easy to find. At a squeeze up to five business travellers can be accommodated, though if you all have large luggage it will be a problem.

An alternative private hire to black cabs are licensed taxi services. This could be a better option for the business traveller, particularly if a number of people with luggage are travelling together. An array of vehicle types are available, ranging from standard 4/5 seater saloon and 6/7 passenger people carrier cars, up to 15 or 17 seater minibuses and even coach taxis. An added advantage is you can book your vehicle of choice in advance and at a fixed price. With so many different companies offering these services, prices – and quality of service – can vary, but typically for a single journey the business traveller can expect to pay a fixed, advance price of £40.00 (€48.00/ $66.00) for a saloon car; £50.00 (€60.00/ $83.00) for an estate car; £55.00 (€66.00/ $90.00) for an executive car; £55.00 (€66.00/ $90.00) for a people carrier; £65.00 (€78.00/ $108.00) for an 8 seater minibus; £80.00 (€96.00/ $132.00) for an executive people carrier; and £165.00 (€198.00/ $272.00) for a 16 seater minibus. Savings can be made on all tariffs if a return journey is booked in advance.

Travelling by black cab or licensed taxi affords the business traveller the freedom to travel at his or her own pace, and can take the hassle out of a journey. It can be a very relaxing way to commute from the airport into London, particularly after a long flight, and offers the business traveller an opportunity to unwind prior to their business appointment.

If you need to arrange senior executive or VIP transportation, chauffeur driven services are readily available (booked in advance) between Heathrow and London. The vehicle type and the length of time you require it for will dictate the price you’ll pay. Chauffeur driven services are readily available to find online. The same is true of helicopter charter services which can transfer the executive business traveller from Heathrow into Central London (Battersea Heliport) in approximately 15 minutes. Flightline Travel Management is experienced at providing our customers with both modes of transport, and we’re happy to take your enquiry.

Ultimate Packing List for the First Time Cycle Riders

Family trips are sometimes boring. At those times, you prefer to go for cycling tours. Many tour companies offer cycle trips to various nations. These tours are great and help you to get an opportunity to explore the real beauty of the place. Cycling allows you to get in touch with the local people and know their culture and tradition. The most important is that you are going with your friends or a group in a cycle tour.

As the cycling or biking tours are always different from the luxury trips, the packing should also be dissimilar. You should carry things that are only suitable for the biking trips. Missing any one of the essential item can create problems in the trip. If you are a first-time rider, then the following descriptions can help you to pack your luggage for the biking tour.

Bike Equipments-The Ultimate Touring Gear:

The most significant item for the biking ride is the gear or the cycle. If your holiday lasts more than a week, then should carry panniers, a bag which you attach with your cycle and stores all the essential stuff within it. You should take racks on which you attach the panniers. You should put tail lights and torches inside the bag for proper vision at night. Rain jackets and coats are also important if you start your journey during the rainy season. Other things to carry in your bag are bungee cords, pens, journals, maps, match boxes and whistle and polyethylene bags too.

Bike Repairing Tools:

You should carry repairing tools along with you for the emergency. If you are driving with your friends, you can divide the tools among all. Do not take excess accessories to make the luggage bag heavy. Some of the tools that are really worth to carry are frame mounted pump, spare tubes, zip ties, patch kits, adjustable wrenches, bike multi-tools, rugs for the wiping hands and most important is the bike lock.

Common Gadgets and Money:

We all depend upon technology but truly, the electronic devices are crucial when you are going for a bike tour. You should carry a cell phone, extra batteries, GPS devices, laptop, camera, phone cord and charger. When you are going for a long tour, you should carry lots of cash with you. Not every place should have an ATM counter.

Clothing and Personal Comfort:

Clothing plays a significant role in the bike rides. You should always wear light clothes to make you feel comfortable while cycling. Garments for cycling includes bike shorts, cycling gloves and jersey and bike shoes. Other items are sports underwear, shorts and long-sleeve shirts, socks, sweatshirts and swim suits. Personal comfort things are sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, first aid kit, ointments, band aids, and snacks.

When going for a biking tour, you should carry the above items for your safety. If you have strong will power and courage, the nothing is impossible for you. Start packing your luggage and book tickets with trip operators for the cycling trip. Tour agencies are reliable and make will give you the best touring experience.

Top 10 Travel Accessories for Backpack Travelers

Whether you’re Euro-railing the Czech Republic, trekking the Amazon or spending a month in Peru, backpack travel is a great way to see the world. And here are the top 10 travel accessories to help backpack travelers stay lightweight, mobile and organized.

First: A Travel Backpack

Today’s travel backpacks aren’t your father’s camping pack. Technology has made today’s travel backpacks super lightweight and designed specifically for travel. They open like suitcases for easy access, offer media pockets, multiple ways to carry and other advantages for travelers. The old top-loading, drawstring packs were good for dad. But if you want to stay light, mobile and organized, a travel backpack is the way to go.

Second: A Travel Towel

You can definitely skip a shower or two while traveling. But eventually you’ll want to clean up and dry off. Problem is conventional towels weigh a ton, take forever to dry and mildew if you pack them damp. Travel towels solve these problems. They’re ultra-lightweight and fold to a fraction the size of regular towels. They’re also ultra-fast drying and most fight fungus and mildew buildup.

Third: Travel Underwear

Everything that is true of conventional towels is also true of regular cotton underwear. They take a long time to dry and are bastions for fungus and odor. Quick-dry travel underwear dries in time to wear or pack by the next bus, fights odors and nasty bacteria and hold up to the rigors of daily wear on the road.

Fourth: Travel Soap Sheets

Soap sheets are among the lightest, most compact and efficient ways to stay clean while traveling. Soap sheets — body, shampoo, shaving or other — are roughly one inch, paper-thin sheets that lather up in water. They meet carry-on requirements, are a fraction the weight of liquids and take up much less room in your backpack or luggage.

Fifth: Packing Cubes

If you use packing cubes once, you won’t even go away for a weekend again without them. They let you pack much more stuff into the same space and keep it all organized. Packing cubes are zippered nylon or mesh rectangles into which you pack and compress your gear and clothes before putting them into your backpack. If you bring only one thing from this list, these would be it.

Sixth: International Plug Adapters

It’s still a diverse world, which is why we travel. But that also goes for each continent’s electrical systems. So you’ll need to bring the right adapter to plug into wall outlets in Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere. You can buy individual adapters for each location or universal kits letting you plug in no matter where you go.

Seventh: A Solar Charger

Going where few travelers have gone before is an amazing experience. And the more remote you go, the less infrastructure you’ll find. In some areas you can actually get cell service, but not the electricity to power the phone. Solar charges are lightweight, compact and let you power your electronics no matter how off the beaten path you go.

Number 8: Travel or Luggage Locks

You spent a lot of time planning what to bring and it wouldn’t be easy to get it all back while traveling. Travel or luggage locks are small compact locks that let you secure your pack’s main compartment and exterior pockets while the pack is out of your sight or when you’re in crowded places. Some locks also have flexible cables to secure your pack to fixed objects.

Number 9: A Money Belt

Replacing your passport, credit cards and even cash back in remote locations can be a major, time-eating endeavor. So you want to hang onto your most valuable items. Money belts are small, discreet pouches worn around your waist under your pants to conceal and safeguard your passport and cash. Most robbers don’t have the time to check under everyone’s clothes. So carry a false wallet and a few dollars to give them while your real stash is safely concealed.

Tenth: A Daypack

Most trips involve reaching a new town or village, locking your main pack in the hostel or hotel and heading out to explore. Overnight trips, urban trekking and remote hikes are part of the good time. And you’ll need a lightweight daypack to carry the essentials. Most quality travel backpacks have removable daypacks integrated into their designs.

You’ll bring lots of stuff on your trip and what to pack and how to pack it are endlessly debated by seasoned travel backpackers. But with these few key travel accessories, you’ll be sure to stay lightweight, mobile and organized.


Travel To Go Reviews Enhanced Drivers Licenses

Travel To Go offers you tips on travel and vacation planning. Find new ways to save money on your next vacation with tips on travel from Travel To Go Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, your partners in travel.

Travel To Go, along with Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, reviews a variety of travel related topics. In their Travel To Go Reviews program they review vacation destinations, offer tips and tricks for travel. Travel To Go also offers a series of articles on avoiding travel scams and Travel To Go is always interested in assisting if you have any complaints about past vacations.

The newest form of electronic technology, enhanced drivers licenses are part of helping to speed up the process of travel outside the U.S. for travelers traveling by land or sea. Though not valid for travel by air, an enhanced license will cost you less than getting a passport card and will get you in and out of the U.S. to Canadian and Mexican Borders. Learn more about the enhanced drivers license and if it is right for you in this Travel To Go Reviews on enhanced drivers licenses.

Available in four US states, this new technology combines the functionality of a Passport card with a U.S. drivers license. Current states issuing the enhanced drivers license include:
* Michigan
* New York
* Vermont
* Washington

Also issuing are the Canadian provinces of:
* British Columbia
* Manitoba
* Ontario
* Quebec

Approved under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or the WHTI, it is the first of its kind and was only introduced in 2008. Using radio frequency identification (RFID) capability, a machine readable zone – optical character read (MRZ-OCR) and contains multiple layers of overt, covert and forensic security features to protect your security.

How To Use Your Enhanced Drivers License

1. Stop at the beginning of the lane & wait for a signal. While stopped, you and all passengers should pull out required travel documents. Wait for a sign to proceed forward. At some ports of entry, you will see a green light signaling you to go. If there is no green light, proceed when the vehicle ahead clears or the officer signals.

2. Hold card up & drive through to booth. While driving through the lane, you and all passengers should hold travel documents up so that the flat face of the cards show through any window on the “driver’s side” of the vehicle. RFID-enabled cards will be automatically read while traveling down the lane. Proceed all the way to the booth.

3. Stop at officer’s booth. Stop for inspection at booth and be prepared to show the officer documents for all travelers in the vehicle.

Travel To Go Reviews news and information affecting your travels. Learn more about travel and become an informed traveler with Travel To Go Reviews on travel. Make the most of your vacations and travels with Travel To Go Reviews and become a better informed traveler.

Live Your Dreams And Explore The World With A Travel Nursing Overseas Placement

Let’s face it, nursing is a noble profession, chosen by caring, empathetic individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of many! That being said, it doesn’t mean nurses aren’t adventurous and ready to explore the world! If you’re a nurse with a sense of adventure and traveling the world sounds exciting to you, you may be interested in travel nursing overseas. Travel nursing overseas may be just the thing you are looking for if you want to have great pay, great benefits and great new experiences exploring different destinations all over the globe. Let’s just explore a few possibilities for travel nursing overseas.
United Kingdom – A travel nursing overseas placement in the United Kingdom affords you the opportunity to travel Europe while working in an English speaking country. A reputable Healthcare Staffing Company will offer placements in the United Kingdom with 12 month permanent contracts with extension options in Private Hospitals and Private Nursing Homes, and will help you with all the details such as placement, housing, licensing, and relocation. Travel nurses are in high demand in the United Kingdom currently, so what are you waiting for?
Hawaii – As we head into the winter months you may be looking for a destination for sun and fun! Travel nursing overseas in Hawaii would allow you to explore a destination that many people save for a lifetime just to visit! Imagine yourself living in the Hawaiian Islands exploring and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, snorkeling and boating in a tropical setting. If you’d like to learn more about Hawaii and other warm locations for travel nursing placements, click here for our recent blog post.
Australia – Who doesn’t dream of visiting the land down under? For many people, Australia is a dream that is just simply out of reach, but this isn’t the case for travel nursing. If you decide on travel nursing overseas placement in Australia, you can expect a metropolitan or rural placement contract ranging from 12 to 24 months in length. Licensing, placement, housing and travel arrangements will all be made by your Healthcare Staffing Company so you can arrive relaxed, ready to enjoy your experience down under!
Language – If you speak a second language, you may find it a huge asset to be successfully placed in many different locations for travel nursing overseas. If travel nursing overseas appeals to you and you are fluent in another language the sky’s the limit for placement! Imagine, living your dream overseas as a travel nurse!
Travel nursing overseas will not work for everyone. You must have a sense of adventure and be willing to explore new countries and new cultures. Some nurses may not be up to the challenge, but if you think travel nursing overseas may be for you, there are agencies set up to specifically help you navigate the ins and outs of travel nursing overseas. Apply now for to begin the next chapter in your life with these fantastic opportunities for travel nursing overseas!

Travel Safety – Tips on Backpacking Safety, How to Stay Safe While Traveling Foreign Countries

Foreign Countries 2
How To Avoid Trouble and Stay Safe Travelling

Travelling is supposed to be fun but it can easily turn into a nightmare when things go wrong. While help can usually be found eventually it is always better to take precautions and avoid becoming a victim of crime in the first place.

Personal Safety
Staying safe while out and about in a foreign country is usually a case of being aware of your location and noticing those around you. One of the most important things to do is to know your destination. Try to learn about your travel destination before you arrive there, do some research and be aware of any scams that are particularly popular there, as well as finding out about any areas that are known to be dangerous and best avoided.

Avoid becoming the target
Even in areas that you think are safe it is important to be aware of possible dangers, criminals can operate anywhere and you can’t always spot them by sight. Most criminals are opportunistic, they are looking for an easy target so as a tourist you need to make sure you are not going to be that easy target, keeping yourself safe often just means doing simple things like:

• Not keeping valuables in your back pocket – Money and other valuables should be stored somewhere that is difficult for someone to put their hand in unnoticed. A zipped pocket is ideal, or a least a side pocket that no-one can reach into without you being aware of it.
• Keeping your money out of sight – Some travellers like money-belts, others find them to be bulky, sweaty, and unnecessary. Whether you choose to use one or not the principle is the same. Keep most of your money concealed. You are going to need some money in your wallet or pocket to pay for your daily expenses but limit this to small bills and only take money from your main money stash when you are alone.
• Being aware of distractions – Many criminals operate in pairs or groups, one will distract you while the other empties your pockets or bag before you notice. Be aware of what is going on around you. If anyone approaches you to ask a question, take a photo, practice English etc., then take care that they really are alone and no-one is going through your belongings while your attention is diverted.

Minimizing the damage if you are a victim
If you do have the misfortune to be targeted by criminals then you can ensure they do as little damage as possible by taking precautions before they strike. Splitting your money helps. If you only have a little money in your pocket then that is all they can take. The same is true for credit cards, if you must carry them with you then don’t keep them all in the same place, that way if someone does manage to get them out of one of your pockets then there is a good chance that everything in the other pocket will still be safe. Having a spare credit card and some cash can be vital if you do get robbed. You are probably still going to need somewhere to stay the night, and transport to get there, you could be miles from your destination at the time it happens and you don’t want to be left stranded.

Using credit cards while travelling can make life much easier, but it can also open up the possibility of new dangers. Apart from the risk of having your card stolen, card skimming is a very real danger almost anywhere in the world. If you do take a credit card on your travels then make sure it is not one you use for any other purpose. It may be a good idea to apply for one specifically for your trip and cancel it when you return home. You don’t want to leave a criminal gang with your card details to use as they please long after you return home.

Stolen passports are big business in many parts of the world and if you lose yours it can be a big hassle trying to get a new one issued. It is a wise precaution to keep a copy of your passport, card numbers, and bank details somewhere safe, either hidden on you or stored online where you can access it if required.

Hostel accommodation is cheap and usually safe if you follow a few simple rules. Knowing the facilities your hostel offers is a good place to start. If the hostel has a safe then make use of it, there’s no point taking more risks than you need to. Thefts in hostels are rare but they can happen, using a sturdy lock on your backpack is always a good idea, and not checking on your valuables while other guests are watching is common sense. Following these simple rules will help you to have a great travelling experience and steer clear of anyone trying to target you for criminal purposes.

Did you find this article useful? Head over to my website for plenty of traveling tips to ensure you get the best value and make the most of your travel. Articles by experienced travellers from all over the world offering you advice on how to travel cheaper and better without stressing out.

Vacation Tour Packages With Vacation Travel Packages

Vacation Tour Packages, India is known for its vibrant colors, culture and festivals. India is a country with enormous treasure of rich heritage that can be seen in various monuments and temples here. This is one of the main reasons for which India tours is one of the most in demand tours worldwide. India is so vast that it is difficult to set the schedule for travel. Travel agencies have best packages and plans for India tours making your exploration easier. These help in planning and booking the hotels and travel tickets so that one can get the most from the India Luxury tours’ experience.

Vacation Tour Packages or just at any time of the year none of the travelers can leave without the experience of the festivals. Every now and then there are festivals and one can get to be part of it just like a normal Indian. For the travelers who want to enjoy thoroughly and for whom there is no limit for the expenditure, India Luxury tours have numerous options. The only thing to be decided when booking with India Luxury tours and the India Luxury Holidays is to decide first on the area he/she wants visit.

Vacation Tour Packages has a number of travel destinations that attract travelers from around the world. Many tour operators and service providers aim at creating India tour packages and itineraries that are convenient and interesting. Main points that are kept in mind while creating a perfect itinerary for a traveler or a group of travelers are interest, budget and convenience. These are the three main things that the service providers and travelers take care of before choosing the destinations that they want to travel to when they visit India.

Vacation Tour Packages are some popular itineraries already available with the India tour operators that are optimal and viable choices for most of the travelers, but if someone wants to customize a new travel plan then it is important that all the given points are kept in mind. First of all is ‘interest’. Travelers have to decide if they are interested in taking a serene trip to the hills of Himachal and the valleys of Leh and Ladakh, or if they want to enjoy the amazing beaches of Goa and the backwaters of Kerala.

Vacation Tour Packages are various options available for adventure, honeymoon, spiritual, wildlife, beaches and many such tours that match different interests and moods. So you have to decide which India Travel package suits you the best and where you want to travel for your next holiday. Second thing that the travelers should keep in mind is ‘budget’. Travelers must ask their tour operators to find them the best deals and tour options that fit their pre-decided budget. It is important that you are able to see all important destinations and visit all interesting places to get the right flavors of your holiday within budget.

Vacation Tour Packages factor to a perfect itinerary is ‘convenience and safety’. Make sure that the itinerary that you have chosen is matching and fitting your travel dates and plans. This is important so that you do not face any inconvenience like visiting a place on a holiday or not being able to reach on time, etc. Safety is also very important, so ask your tour operators for a list of things that you might during your trip including medicines, etc, and also insist on ensuring a fine place to stay.

Tour operators like ‘The Best India Tours’ offer very fine services and have served thousands of clients to their satisfactions. You can choose an India tour package that matches your requirements and provide you the best holiday experience. Summary: An India tour package has to be chosen with all right ingredients to make it work for the travelers. One must ensure three things before selecting a travel itinerary and they are Budget, Interest and Convenience. Ensuring a right combination of all these create a memorable and enjoyable holiday experience for all the travelers.

Vacation Tour Packages each and every part of India is worth visiting but if you are planning a holiday in India then don’t miss the opportunity to explore India thoroughly. There are several attractions in north India like magnificent monuments, remarkable architecture, historical locations, religious shrines and exotic wildlife and food which make North India a must visit region. The amazing hills, wonderful lakes, blazing deserts, scenic landscapes, enchanting rivers and other hot spots are major USP of North India.

Vacation Tour Packages of many places to visit in North India, places like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi are major attractions. If you have decided to travel North India then include major places in your India tour package. Don’t allow your travel agent to make you fool by including less popular and exciting places in the package.

Make the Most of Your Jaipur Trip by Staying At Budget Hotel

Jaipur, famously known as the Pinkcity, is famous across the globe for its tourist attractions and hospitality.

Why choose budget hotels over 5-star sprawling properties

Know Local Community

However one mistake that most of the tourist make here is opting for expensive five star hotels that not only increases the load on your pocket but also deprives you of enjoying the “local community life”. So it is better to opt for various 2 star hotels in Jaipur that not only offer economic stay but also gives you a chance to stay “near the local community” where you can enjoy and know the local culture and day to day life of the city, something that you cannot enjoy while staying into e enclosure of isolated lush five start hotels.

Save more to make your trip rewarding

There are many deluxe hotels in Jaipur that are economical and yet provide top notch services. Would you like to have a comparison here: the tariffs of some of the best 2 Star hotels in Jaipur are much less than the dinner you can have at 5-star hotels?

So, you will save a fortune while staying in these hotels.

Now how will you spend this fortune? Let us help you by telling you the various popular visiting places of Jaipur:

City Palace

This sprawling luxurious palace is was constructed in 1729 by Sawai Jai Saingh II. It is the finest example of life and times of Royal era. You can see the amazing and vast collection of various items used by Rajput Kings of the erstwhile Rajputana (as Rajasthan was called in those times. Worth mentioning are Silver urn that is the largest silver container in the world, the sprawling royal attire of Mahraja Sawai ram Singh who was more than 200 Kg of weigh (and had 108 wives!) and various weapons that were used in battles. Don’t forget to see the exclusive handcrafted products in Mubarak Mahal.

Amber Fort

11 Kms away from Jaipur, Amer Fort was built in 1592 by Raja Sawai Mansingh. This red sandstone building that houses several beautiful palaces is a treat for the eyes. Most notable places here are four courtyards out of which Diwan i Aam, Diwaan i Khaas are most prominent.

Jantar Mantar Observatory

Mahraja Jai Singh II was a multi-dimensional personality having an in-depth knowledge of several disciplines. Astrology was one among the,. In fact he was so keenly interested in astrology that he constructed what we can call the largest observatory of the country : Jantar Mantar, This construction has many geometric devices to observe constellations, measure time and helps in various astrological predictions. Looking at the intricacy of the technique used and implementation of vast knowledge, one remains spell bound.

Old Walled City

Apart from visiting the palaces and historical monuments, walking in the streets of old walled city of Jaipur can be a pure pleasure for the tourists. This marketplace, known as Chardiwari (or old walled city) still shines as the best example of “Royal Jaipur”. The USP of this market is that every individual area of walled city is famous for a particular item: Chaura Rasta is the hub for book lovers while Johari Bazaar literally glitters with gold and Bapu Bazaar is bedecked with the latest apparels in the fashion world as well as traditional apparels of Jaipur. You would be surprised to know that many of these shops are 250 years old! You can clearly feel and experience the charm of visiting these markets.

Tips on How to Select the Best Travel Portal Development Company

Travel portal development and maintenance service is a creating a lot of buzz in a world where people love to travel. Travel companies are seeking breakthrough technologies that can help build travel portals with customized solutions for travel companies and travel agencies. Since travelling and exploring new places have been in vogue always, the travel industry never ceases to mesmerize. Hence, banking business hopes in this arena lets you grow your business huge.
As a travel agency or global travel company, search through the internet and you will come across a number of travel software developers. To shortlist the best travel portal development company from the lot, here follow the tips below:
* Select the travel software development company that will deliver latest software and technology to keep you stay ahead of the curve. Check out if the company has experiences of working with the leading XML/APIs and GDS.
* The company should be able to integrate the various XML, APIs and GDS for travel packages, air booking, hotel booking, sight-seeing, bus booking, cruises, transfers, insurance module, and so on.
* E-business is now the current boom in travel and tourism industry. A company worth deserving is capable to reach out assistance to its customers so as to build B2B2B, B2B, B2B2C,B2C, B2E, GDS, API & Web services integration, XML Binding, XML, etc., based on needs of customers.
* Remember this that an experienced travel portal software company will definitely list their projects on their website, which you can go through to understand the kinds of services they are offering and their fields of expertise. An overview of their way of approach towards work will help you know what they can do for you and whether your project will be successfully accomplished with their aid.
* Do zero-down on a software company capable of providing ongoing tech support for a reasonable period of time. Indeed, the company should be able to create, design, host, and eventually develop a travel portal for you with innovative solutions by incorporating APIs in the entire process.
* Apart from the above facilities, a travel portal software company can diligently create e-marketplace website for e-commerce so as to help connect buyers with sellers thus simplifying business transaction on the internet via quote and bid exchanges, multi vendor catalogues and so on.
Thus, based on the above tips you can select a portal development company that meets your purpose.

Keeping in contact whilst travelling abroad

Travelling abroad for lengthy periods of time is now a common occurrence, with many people choosing to spend their retirement partly in the United Kingdom and partly in a warmer country. A lot of people have to spend considerable time abroad for their work, as more and more companies are becoming multi national. It has also become a more popular trend for people of all ages to take time out of their lives and spend time travelling around the world, seeing destinations that they may otherwise not get to see.

Whilst travelling abroad it is necessary to keep in contact with family and friends at home which can be quite costly. International phone calls can be very expensive and the service that you receive isn’t always good quality. There are many companies who offer cheap phone calls but before signing up to a service ensure you know exactly what kind of service you will receive.

Here at Planet Calling, we provide cheap international calls so that you can keep in touch with any member of your family or friends if they are abroad for any period of time. We provide this service without the need for contracts, credit card or any lengthy registration paperwork. All you want from us is a reliable service that provides affordable international phone calls and that is exactly what we give you.

When you are looking for a company that will provide cheap phone calls you want a provider who will tell you exactly what you will be paying for calls and also have a customer service helpline number or email where you can contact them in case of any difficulties. If you have a friend or relative abroad it is important to stay in contact, especially if it is for a long period of time so cheap international calls are essential.

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